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Letter to the Editor: Response to Mr. Grussing

I appreciate Mr. Grussing's response to my letter regarding political donations. I would note that his original letter focused squarely on "corporations," not unions, and thus my response.

Having read HJRes48, the wording is vague on anything other than corporations. It calls out "corporations, limited liability companies and other entities," and until it is clear what groups "other entities" includes I am very suspect since it is essentially a bill from the Democrats/liberals, just as I am sure MTA would be suspect if the chamber of commerce or conservative group had their constitutional amendment.

Perhaps we can all agree that we should push for a convention of the states where this amendment and others could be considered.

To put the money influence in context, shows the top 50 donors gave nearly $1.1 billion in donations, of which 64 percent went to Democrats. The top 15 donors contributed more than $590 million, with 76 percent going to Democrats, including $90 million from liberal Tom Steyer and $150 million from five unions, including $60 million from two major teacher unions and $39 million from SEIU.

Overall, the "big money" for federal elections was pretty evenly split between conservative and liberal groups.

Dale Probasco,