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Crosslake School celebrates kindness month

Crosslake Community School student Ethan Shetka and Crosslake Mayor Patty Norgaard show off two of the school's kindness books, which are part of a city-wide project throughout November. Submitted Photo

With November designated as kindness month, Crosslake Community School decided to celebrate.

School social worker Kris Fjelstul came up with the concept.

"I got the idea to do a friendship book and notice acts of friendship and kindness," Fjelstul said. "Instead of approaching it like, 'Don't be a bully,' I wanted to turn it into what you could do to be kind."

Four of these friendship and kindness books are now circulating around the elementary, middle and high schools, as well as the city.

"The object is to write down your random act of kindness, what you did, sign your name and then pass it on," Fjelstul said.

The books are due back Nov. 20, just before Thanksgiving break.

"I'll go through it and then talk with the kids in the school about what we've seen as the random acts of kindness and how it pertains to everybody from kindergarten through our police chief, our mayor and everybody in our community," Fjelstul said.