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July 4 fireworks delayed in Hackensack to Sweetheart Days

The traditional Independence Day fireworks show in Hackensack instead will be held Tuesday, July 11, this year during the annual Sweetheart Days celebration.

Donated funding for the two events was low this past year, which prompted Chamber of Commerce and community members to discuss options.

"When we looked at our donations, they are the lowest they have been in several years," said Nalrah Hicks, Hackensack Chamber of Commerce director. "We had to think of a way to save money and still bring fireworks to our community. To best do that for our community and businesses, we decided to move it to Sweetheart Days."

Normally the funding for the fireworks and other events for the chamber comes from the Hackensack American Legion, the Backus American Legion, recycled cans, the Lions Club, lake associations, private donors and a cursing jar at the municipal liquor stores. Due to low donations, the group had to make a tough call, but it hopes for understanding.

"We're hoping that with this change, we have the community support," Hicks said. "There was lots of activities in other communities on July 4 with festivities and fireworks. We had a lot of competition, and we've considered in the past years that maybe this would be a better fit for Sweetheart Days than July 4 for the community and businesses. We hope that brings in more of a draw of people in our area."

Promotion of Sweetheart Days, the city's summer festival, was also a motivating factor.