AccuWeather Global Weather Center – In true fall fashion, a late-week storm will unleash a variety of disruptive weather across the Central states, including more snow for the northern tier and the threat for feisty thunderstorms farther south where Old Man Winter paid an early visit mere days prior.

Multi-faceted storms, such as the one AccuWeather meteorologists are predicting to form and sweep through the nation's midsection Thursday into Friday, are not uncommon during the fall months. October and November can feature frequent and wild weather swings as summer and winter battle it out.

"This will be the type of storm that we often see in autumn and spring. There will be a surge of warm, moist air northward into the central Plains and Midwest and a press of cold air across the northern Plains," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Mike Doll.

"There will be a risk for gusty thunderstorms in the warm portion of the storm and heavy snow in the cold portion, with a chilly, soaking rain in between," Doll said.

Snow to clog roads from Montana to Minnesota

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The northern and western fringes of the storm, where Arctic air from Canada will come into play, is where forecasters are expecting a travel-disrupting snow to fall.

A swath of more than 6 inches of snowfall is possible, with these high totals most likely across the northern Rockies, as well as in a corridor from North Dakota into northern Minnesota.

Sections of interstates 15, 29 and 94 may be at greatest risk for hazardous travel conditions due to snow-covered roadways and reduced visibility. Drivers may want to consider a more southern route if possible to avoid the wintry travel.

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