The National Weather Service in Duluth is busily tracking a storm system that is almost guaranteed to drench the lakes area.

"The big news is we have a fairly large system that will be coming through the area," said lead forecaster Jonathan Wolfe. "You'll probably start feeling the impact as early as Wednesday night and it will hang around the area basically through the weekend and even some residual showers and stuff can be lingering around even into Monday. It's basically going to be here Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

The storm is forecast to bring strong, shifting winds and temperatures below 30 as soon as Thursday, Oct. 10. It could also bring some snow over the weekend.

"Where the load tracks will determine where most precipitation will be and where the rain/snow line will be," Wolfe said. "Right now it looks like you will see some snow, but the heaviest snowfall you will see will be west of you in the Grand Forks, Fargo area where they may get up to feet of snow there. You guys, I believe, are more looking at a few inches, potentially up to 4-6. That's all subject to change depending on where that load tracks. There's a good chance you will see plenty of rain through this. Over an inch and a half."

Wolfe said the forecast could change a lot before the weekend, but even if the snow falls, it wouldn't be the earliest to fall in the lakes area. That honor goes to Sept. 25 in the past with the average first inch accumulating Nov. 12. Last year's snowfall came close to that date, with the first snow landing Nov. 10.