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Hail to the sun: Glowing orb should stick around for the week

With a break in the clouds Monday, Oct. 15, the vivid maple leaves frame the sun as it shines through the forest. Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch

After unseasonably cold days to mark autumn and a notable lack of sunshine, the coming week should provide relief.

While snow, up to an inch, was in the forecast overnight into Wednesday, Oct. 17, there is a better fall weather outlook ahead. For those waiting to get in yard work, a last mow or mulch or to wash windows without freezing fingers, Thursday and Friday may provide the best bets with temperatures expected to rise.

The National Weather Service reported temperatures may top 60 degrees Thursday beneath sunny skies, with the sun continuing Friday and temperatures potentially reaching 55 degrees. While cloud cover this fall has helped keep temperatures below normal, sun for the next several days should help turn things around along with southerly breezes.

According to data compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the normal high for Oct. 18-19 in the Brainerd area is 54-55 degrees. The record high for Oct. 18 was set in 1961 at 84 degrees, while the record low was recorded in 1976 at 10 degrees. Similar records stand for Oct. 19—83 degrees set in 2000 and an 11-degree record low in 1972.

It may be a brief window to get things done with mild temperatures as the forecast calls for colder days with highs in the 40s for the weekend and a low of 26 degrees Saturday night.