TEDxGullLake announces lineup for October event

Engineers, artists, adventurists and innovators of all kinds will take to the stage for the first-ever TEDxGullLake on Oct. 17 at Madden's on Gull Lake.

Engineers, artists, adventurists and innovators of all kinds will take to the stage for the first-ever TEDxGullLake on Oct. 17 at Madden's on Gull Lake.

The day-long event will include more than a dozen speakers and performers providing their stories, ideas and art in concise, meaningful ways.

Tiny homes for the homeless, high-tech heart monitoring, Lake Superior up close and personal and the art of imagination and possibility are just some of the topics that will be covered.

"The Art of Resilience" is the theme of the day, reflecting the growing importance that the concept of resilience plays in the rural north, said Kate Hunt, event lead organizer.

"We want to highlight important ideas that resonate in rural Minnesota and around the world," Hunt said. "These are ideas worth spreading and will leave everyone not only with new concepts and knowledge, but also with the desire to take action for the betterment of their communities."


TEDxGullLake is licensed by the national TED organization and is patterned after the famous TED Talks, a series of short presentations and performances designed to enlighten and inspire. It is being organized by local volunteers with funding by local sponsors.

Mike Link and Kate Crowley spent four and a half months walking around Lake Superior to celebrate retirement. They will share their experience hugging the shores of the great lake, learning of its strengths and its vulnerabilities close up.

Ben Thwaits, director of "In A New Light," will talk about the surprising impact of placing cameras in the hands of teenagers who have pasts full of trouble and futures that are at-risk.

Luca Clemente will explain how the organization "Occupy Madison" shaped its 2011 economic protest into a movement to help the homeless by building a village of tiny homes.

Col. Scott St. Sauver, garrison commander at Fort Ripley, will talk about his efforts to help soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder by taking them into Minnesota's outdoors to hunt, fish, boat, camp or do any other activity that helps them deal with difficult issues.

Dr. Marie Johnson will describe her life-saving invention that might very well revolutionize the way heart doctors identify blockages in the arteries.

In addition, there will be talks about the impact "growing growers" has on our kids, our health and our economy; the use of solar heating panels in the struggle of low-income families to provide heat in their homes for the winter; the celebration of local art to preserve and grow the many aspects of rural culture; the fun and fascination of improv to "create a world a little less scripted;" and much more.

"This will be a day of exploration," said Hunt, who is a 2014 TED Fellow. "We will adventure with these speakers, learn from these speakers, and walk away with a head full of ideas."


Like the national TED Talks, all TEDxGullLake talks will be limited to 18 minutes or less. More information about the event can be found at

The first-ever TEDxGullLake is made possible by donations and grants from National Joint Powers Alliance in Staples, as well as by the Bush Foundation, USDA Rural Development, and the Initiative Foundation.

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