Pine River man wanted for aggravated robbery

Authorities are searching for an 18-year-old Pine River man who allegedly pointed a gun at a male subject and then stole 16-17 grams of marijuana from him in Breezy Point.

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Authorities are searching for an 18-year-old Pine River man who allegedly pointed a gun at a male subject and then stole 16-17 grams of marijuana from him in Breezy Point.

A warrant was issued for Devin James Knowles, who faces felony first-degree aggravated robbery charge in Crow Wing District Court. The complaint was filed Friday.

Breezy Point Police, who responded to the aggravated robbery incident, have been unable to locate the man as he is no longer living at his last known address. He is believed to be somewhere in the Twin Cities.

Breezy Point Police Chief Kevin Merschman said a 17-year-old male, who is identified as D.R.L. in the complaint, who was involved in the incident has been charged with aiding and abetting Knowles with a dangerous weapon in the aggravated robbery, making terroristic threats and stalking.

According to the complaint filed against Knowles:


• The Breezy Point Police Department received a report Jan. 13 of a robbery occurring in the city days earlier on Jan. 10. The reporting party stated he was now receiving threatening text messages from one of the individuals.

• The reporting party said he previously sold marijuana to D.R.L. On Jan. 10, arrangements were made for D.R.L. to purchase marijuana from the reporting party at his residence in Breezy Point with another individual identified as Knowles.

• The reporting party retrieved the box he keeps the marijuana in and asked D.R.L. and Knowles to lift up their shirts so he could make sure they were unarmed. Knowles then pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the reporting party's face, Merschman said.

• D.R.L. stated something to the effect of "That's what you get for ripping me off." Knowles made statements he "was sorry, but it's the way it goes" and that he was robbed last week.

• Knowles led the reporting party to his bedroom to look for cash. D.R.L. and Knowles took approximately 16-17 grams of marijuana, a marijuana pipe, grinder and scale. The reporting caller stated D.R.L. and Knowles left behind a small amount of marijuana. They left in an older red Dodge Neon.

• On the morning of Jan. 13, the reporting party began receiving threatening text messages from D.R.L.

• During a Mirandized statement, D.R.L. admitted he was with Knowles at the residence on Jan. 10. He stated prior to going to the residence, Knowles showed him the gun while they were at Knowles residence in Pine River. They drove together in Knowles vehicle. D.R.L. also admitted when they were asked to lift up their shirts, Knowles pulled a gun, cocked it and pointed it at the reporting party. D.R.L. denied Knowles had any intention of pulling the trigger.

• D.R.L. reported Knowles told him he was moving and needed someone to rob. D.R.L. stated he figured the reporting party would be good because he had shorted him on past marijuana sales. D.R.L. stated he smoked some of the marijuana on Jan. 10 and took a one hitter, but Knowles took the rest. D.R.L. said there was 24 grams of marijuana and he and Knowles left 6 grams at the reporting party's residence.


• D.R.L.'s mother talked to law enforcement on Jan. 16 and said D.R.L. and Knowles are friends and met in treatment and Knowles was at her residence on Jan. 9-10 with D.R.L.; and Knowles was driving an older red vehicle.

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