Be sure to activate your online access that is free as part of your print subscription by visiting Here are highlights of what was published in the Echo Journal e-papers online in the past week. Each e-paper is seven to nine pages of world, national, state, business, entertainment and sports news:

  • Thursday, Oct. 7: St. Paul to introduce some of the strictest tobacco rules in the nation. People convicted of felonies find employers open to hiring them. The film “Mass” is a powerful directorial debut about parents confronting tragedy.

  • Friday, Oct. 8: Historic default averted when U.S. Senate approves temporary lift to debt ceiling. Hollywood crew workers are poised to strike. Eighteen former NBA players are charged in a fraud scheme.

  • Saturday, Oct. 9: Centers for Disease Control advisers to review Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters this month. Cary Fukunaga brings James Bond into a new era. Years later, Eli Manning talks about the 2004 draft-day trade.

  • Sunday, Oct. 10: Crisis in Afghanistan called “really dire” as the world is urged to send aid to avert economic and refugee crisis. Can major sports leagues reverse the exodus of younger viewers? Study links amyloid beta and serotonin to predicting late-life depression.

  • Monday, Oct. 11: A Georgia police officer is killed on his first shift at age 26. Are wildlife species evolving faster because of climate change? Roller skating is popular again.

  • Tuesday, Oct. 12: U.S. holds first meeting with Taliban since group retook power. Alaska snow crab harvest slashed by nearly 90%. “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” stars share how the new movie expands the franchise’s legacy.

  • Wednesday, Oct. 13: Find this week’s Echo Journal pages, along with extra pages of state, national, world, sports, business and entertainment news.

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