Be sure to activate your online access that is free as part of your print subscription by visiting Here are highlights of what was published in the Echo Journal e-papers online in the past week. Each e-paper is seven to nine pages of world, national, state, business, entertainment and sports news:

  • Thursday, Sept. 30: Many University of Minnesota faculty want stronger vaccine policies. China won’t allow spectators from abroad for the Winter Olympics. Government shutdown looms as Democratic disagreements imperil Biden agenda. Seven thoughts on the new James Bond 007 movie.

  • Friday, Oct. 1: British gas stations close as fuel runs out. Korean drama “Squid Game” rises to the top on Netflix. Jamie Spears suspended as his daughter Britney’s conservator. NFL ratings are up 9% this season for the league’s best start since 2016.

  • Saturday, Oct. 2: U.S. COVID-19 death toll hits 700,000. All-white-male boardrooms outlawed in California. Why does gutter cleaning matter?

  • Sunday, Oct. 3: Illegal dumping of deer infected with chronic wasting disease is a problem in north-central Minnesota County. Texas law sparks hundreds of U.S. protests against abortion restrictions.Baltimore family’s 4-year-old is accidentally given a COVID-19 shot instead of a flu shot. Young voters turned out in force for Democrats in 2020 - will they stick around?

  • Monday, Oct. 4: Massive oil spill off California kills marine life, fouls beaches. Infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci says the U.S. is turning the corner on COVID-19 surge. Check out these donations do’s and don’ts. Top 25: Alabama and Georgia are still 1-2.

  • Tuesday, Oct. 5: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are back online after being down for nearly six hours. The U.S. Supreme Court opens its momentous new term. The Chicago Bears’ possible departure from Soldier Field is a burning issue.

  • Wednesday, Oct. 6: Find this week’s Echo Journal pages, along with extra pages of state, national, world, sports, business and entertainment news.

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