PIERRE, S.D. — South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem on Wednesday strongly denied an anonymously sourced allegation, published on a conservative website, that she is having an extramarital affair with a former campaign manager for President Donald Trump.

"These rumors are total garbage and a disgusting lie," Noem said in a tweet on her government Twitter account Wednesday, Sept. 29. "These old, tired attacks on conservative women are based on a falsehood that we can't achieve anything without a man's help."

Noem also reiterated her love for her husband, Bryon, and said she's proud of their "God-fearing family."

The allegation was published in an article on the politically conservative website American Greatness. Writer Pedro Gonzalez, an editor with the right-wing Charlemagne Institute, claims that Noem "is having an extramarital affair with adviser Corey Lewandowski."

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Lewandowski parlayed his Trump leadership role into regular media appearances and a prominent place in the Trump political sphere. As an informal adviser to Noem, he is often seen with her at fundraisers and other events around the nation.

Gonzalez provides zero support for his claim, other than citing unnamed sources, though he does note what journalists have previously observed, that Noem has been spotted traveling to campaign events with Lewandowski.

Noem was seen just days ago at a Las Vegas fundraiser that was also attended by Lewandowski. Politico reported Wednesday about allegations Lewandowski drunkenly harassed a GOP fundraiser's wife at the event.