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President's son (Don Jr.) meets PR-B grad

Pine River-Backus graduate Danielle Butcher and a friend, Matthew Mailloux, recently met Donald Trump Jr. at a student summit. Submitted Photo

Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump, met Pine River-Backus graduate Danielle Butcher on Dec. 19.

"We were both at a conference in West Palm Beach. Don Jr. and I have a mutual friend who was gracious enough to make an introduction for my colleague, Matt, and I," Butcher said via email.

Butcher was attending the Turning Point USA's Student Action Summit on behalf of the American Conservation Coalition as both a speaker and a sponsor.

"As a speaker, my responsibilities entailed giving a panel presentation to an audience of 350-plus conservative students on how the political right wing can embrace pro-environmental policies and values via free market capitalism," Butcher said. "As a sponsor my responsibilities included overseeing my team's outreach strategy at the event."

Butcher said the ACC is a new organization focusing on creating more discussion of environmental challenges and their solutions among conservatives.

"Donald Trump Jr. is not directly involved with the ACC's efforts, though during our meeting we did discuss our mission and how it could align with Don's personal values," Butcher said. "The meeting was brief but we're glad to have had the chance to make his acquaintance."