Minnesota State Community and Technical College announces spring 2021 graduates

Area students among 700 graduates from campuses in Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Moorhead and Wadena.

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The following area students are among the 700 2021 Spring Semester graduates of Minnesota State Community and Technical College, with campuses in Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Moorhead and Wadena.

Hometown, Name, Program(s)/Degree


  • Anthony Brunhuber, Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrig-Dip


  • Anna Chapp, Cosmetology-Diploma
  • Ashley Miller, Cosmetology-Diploma



  • Alex Gottwalt, Electrical Line Worker-Diploma


  • Riley Backstrom, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Kaysie Carlson, Graphic Design-Diploma
  • Christopher Churchill, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Jvonne Dunphy, Massage Therapy-Diploma
  • Caleb Landin, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Seth Ryan, Electrical Line Worker-Diploma
  • Jefferson Spieker, Electrical Line Worker-Diploma
  • Valerie Vandenberg, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Kalie Winn, Massage Therapy-Diploma
  • Bryce Wise, Advanced Heating, Vent, AC & Refrig


  • Tate Johnson, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Thomas Koval, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Jessah Longbella, Nursing-AS (Generic)


  • Gabriel Gibson, Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrig-Dip

Fort Ripley

  • Mara St. Onge, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip


  • Roberta Bernstetter, Massage Therapy-Diploma
  • Reid Olson, Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrig-Dip


  • Michael Ireland, Electrical Line Worker-Diploma

Long Prairie

  • Oren Gamradt, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Rudra Patel, Nursing-AS (Generic)



  • Tanner Rivard, Electrical Line Worker-Diploma


  • Shawna Christie, Business: Mgmt, Mktg & Sales-AAS and Digital Marketing - AAS
  • Corey Haataja, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Travis Haataja, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Tara Hillstrom, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Gretchen Hillukka, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Hailey Hillukka, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Kristy Hillukka, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Jordan Honga, Engineering-AS
  • Liisa Honga, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Jerry Kimball, Accounting Clerk-Diploma and Payroll Specialist-Diploma
  • Aimee Lake, Architectural Drafting and Design-AAS
  • Egon Lake, Nursing-AS (Generic)
  • Jordan Lake, Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrig-Dip
  • Niina Lake, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Kelsey Makela, Early Childhood & Paraprofessional-AS
  • Anthony Skoog, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Julia Skoog, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Mariah Skoog, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Karmen Tabatt, Nursing-AS (Generic)
  • Ethan Trout, Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrig-Dip
  • Mitchell Ylitalo, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA


  • Rachael Vry, Radiologic Technology-AAS


  • Joshua Mienert, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip

Pequot Lakes

  • Tyler Larson, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Brooke Simon, Massage Therapy-Diploma


  • Ryan Wisneski, Electrical Line Worker-Diploma


  • Tanner Kruchten, Electrical Line Worker-Diploma
  • Bobbi Loucks, Cosmetology-Diploma
  • Noah Underberg, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip

Pine River

  • Logan Kangas, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip



  • Kaila Current, Paralegal-AAS


  • Connor Dailey, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Wyatt Meech, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Alexis Motzko, Cosmetology-Diploma
  • Ava Rathcke, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Madelyn Ziegler, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA and Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA (Social Sci)


  • Kallee Abbas, Cosmetology-Diploma
  • Alisha Amerud, Massage Therapy-Diploma
  • Madelyn Erbe, Nursing-AS (Generic)
  • Erika Gilb, Cosmetology-Diploma
  • Maxwell Giza, Electrical Technology: Electrician-Dip
  • Paige Lenk, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Jailyn Manuel, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Dennis Vasquez, Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrig-Dip


  • Lynnette Kern, Accounting-AAS and Payroll Specialist-Diploma
  • Colton Neal, Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrig-Dip
  • Ryan O'Bar, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA


  • Casey Bounds, Autism Spectrum Disorder-Certificate and Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Stephen Crews, Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrig-Dip
  • Charity Crosby, Massage Therapy-Diploma
  • April Damlo, Accounting-AAS and Payroll Specialist-Diploma
  • Tasha Dean, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Staci Ellingson, Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrig-Dip
  • Kacie Haataja, Cosmetology-Diploma
  • Wyatt Hamann, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Reid Homola, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Breh Hopp, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Jason Johnson, Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrig-Dip
  • Kayla Kephart, Child & Adol Therapeutic Behav Health
  • Hayley Lake-Benson, Medical Receptionist-Diploma
  • Amber Mountjoy, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • James Olson II, Liberal Arts & Sciences-AA
  • Amanda Orsello, Radiologic Technology-AAS
  • Joseph Orsello, Computer Programming-AAS
  • Tomi Paurus, Business Entrepreneurship-Diploma
  • Lukas Schmitz, Information Technology-AAS
  • Marissa Snyder, Nursing-AS (Generic)
  • RaeAnn Sutherland, Practical Nursing-Diploma
  • Morgan Wachlin, Early Childhood & Paraprofessional-AS
  • Cody Wheeler, Electrical Line Worker-Diploma
  • Whitney Zeise, Nursing-AS (Generic)


  • Colton Jacob, Construction Management-AAS
  • Jonathan Schultz, Electrical Line Worker-Diploma
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