Minnesota State Community and Technical College announces spring 2021 academic honors

Area students honored for academic prowess.

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Minnesota State Community and Technical College has named 615 students to its President's List and 572 students to its Dean's List for the 2021 Spring Semester.

Students on the President's List earned a grade point average of 4.0 while completing a minimum of six college-level credits and 75 percent of the courses in which they enrolled for the semester.

Students on the Dean's List earned a GPA of 3.50 to 3.99 while completing a minimum of six college-level credits and 75 percent of the courses in which they enrolled for the semester.

Area students named to the M State President's List and Dean's List are:

Hometown, Name, Honors



  • Anthony Brunhuber, President's List
  • Kayla Griffith, Dean's List


  • Chase Auge, President's List
  • Joseph Erickson, President's List
  • Elizabeth Tinsley, Dean's List


  • Jordan Christenson, President's List
  • Taylor Hamilton, Dean's List


  • Christopher Churchill, Dean's List
  • Jvonne Dunphy, President's List
  • Seth Ryan, Dean's List
  • Jefferson Spieker, Dean's List
  • Kalie Winn, Dean's List
  • Bryce Wise, President's List


  • Rochelle Rech, President's List


  • Daniela Cervantes, Dean's List
  • Carol Nelson, President's List


  • Jack Borash, Dean's List
  • Layn Tuper, Dean's List

Eagle Bend


  • Shelby Peterson, President's List
  • Olivia Wagner, Dean's List


  • Angela Johnson, President's List


  • Blake Baumgartner, Dean's List
  • Mark Yates, President's List

Long Prairie

  • Kennady Hudalla, President's List


  • Madison Alajoki, Dean's List
  • Cassandra Brauch, President's List
  • Shawna Christie, President's List
  • Ethan Hendrickson, Dean's List
  • Tara Hillstrom, Dean's List
  • Lane Hillukka, Dean's List
  • Andrea Honga, President's List
  • Christian Johnson, President's List
  • Eva Johnson, Dean's List
  • Abram Josephson, President's List
  • Aimee Lake, President's List
  • Amanda Lake, President's List
  • Egon Lake, Dean's List
  • Elizabeth Lake, President's List
  • Jordan Lake, President's List
  • Niina Lake, President's List
  • Kelsey Makela, Dean's List
  • Stephanie Myers, Dean's List
  • Lela Peterson, Dean's List
  • Martha Peterson, Dean's List
  • Alleathea Pfeifer, Dean's List
  • Aaron Pietila, Dean's List
  • Jack Pietila, President's List
  • Claire Pinoniemi, Dean's List
  • Maryn Pinoniemi, Dean's List
  • Ashley Savela, President's List
  • Hope Shepersky, Dean's List
  • Alyssa Skoog, Dean's List
  • Anthony Skoog, Dean's List
  • Julia Skoog, President's List
  • Mariah Skoog, President's List
  • McKenna Skoog, President's List
  • Michaela Skoog, President's List
  • Jared Tolkkinen, Dean's List
  • Janie Tormanen, President's List
  • Zachariah Van Batavia, President's List
  • Rachael Vry, President's List
  • Mitchell Ylitalo, President's List


  • Joshua Mienert, Dean's List


  • Nathanial Sanz, Dean's List

Pequot Lakes

  • Brooke Simon, Dean's List
  • Riley Teich, Dean's List
  • Anthony Woodwick, President's List



  • Tanner Kruchten, Dean's List
  • Jill Quick, Dean's List
  • Jamie VanVickle, President's List
  • Braeden Wangsness, Dean's List

Pine River

  • Michael Flowers, President's List


  • Jenna Rasmussen, Dean's List


  • Kaila Current, President's List


  • Jeannie Arthur, Dean's List
  • Melissa Flom, Dean's List
  • Mason Heino, President's List
  • Tyce Lee, Dean's List
  • Jolee Lillquist, President's List
  • Megan Lugert, President's List
  • Eion Ness, Dean's List
  • Keegan Nevala, President's List
  • Jayde Petersen, Dean's List
  • Savana Richter, Dean's List
  • Hailey Ritari, Dean's List
  • Rachael Smith, Dean's List
  • Keegan Wattenhofer, President's List


  • Alisha Amerud, President's List
  • Annie Capistrant, President's List
  • Rachel Connell, Dean's List
  • Dennis Vasquez, Dean's List


  • Jackson Thieschafer, Dean's List


  • Sara Bain-Richter, President's List
  • Benjamin Brownlow, President's List
  • Cortnie Cottrell, Dean's List
  • Lisa Finck, Dean's List
  • Avery Johnson, Dean's List
  • Lynnette Kern, Dean's List
  • Caitlin Richardson, President's List
  • Courtney Roth, Dean's List
  • Madison Schmitz, President's List
  • Evelyn Tyrrell, President's List
  • Jackson Weniger, President's List
  • Luke Weniger, Dean's List



  • Casey Bounds, Dean's List
  • Rose Dykhoff, Dean's List
  • Adam Guderian, President's List
  • Wyatt Hamann, Dean's List
  • John Heppner, Dean's List
  • Vivian Homola, Dean's List
  • Breh Hopp, President's List
  • Jeanne Huff, Dean's List
  • Nicole Iken, Dean's List
  • Kayla Kephart, Dean's List
  • Breann Malone, Dean's List
  • Amanda Orsello, President's List
  • Joseph Orsello, Dean's List
  • Tomi Paurus, Dean's List
  • Cole Pearson, President's List
  • Emma Ries, President's List
  • Rhiana Roberts, Dean's List
  • Vanessa Schaefer, Dean's List
  • Marissa Snyder, Dean's List
  • RaeAnn Sutherland, Dean's List
  • Adrian Wahlstrom, President's List
  • Cody Wheeler, Dean's List
  • Christina Wiirre, Dean's List
  • Levi Willis, President's List
  • Whitney Zeise, Dean's List


  • Colton Jacob, Dean's List
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