When in Nisswa ... Open a boutique

Lake Latitude boutique opened April 8, 2022, on Nisswa Avenue in downtown Nisswa.

Lake Latitude (3)
Lake Latitude on Nisswa Avenue opened in April 2022.
Megan Buffington / Echo Journal
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NISSWA — When Stacy and Sean Weldon bought the former Redebaugh Chiropractic building on Nisswa Avenue in 2019, they intended for it to be an office space.

After evaluating the location, the Weldons decided they should use the building to add to Nisswa.

Now, Sean Weldon has one room in the back of the new boutique, Lake Latitude, to run his insurance business.

His daughter, Ally Weldon, 19, and future daughter-in-law, Molly Lubrecht, 28, manage the store with assistance from Stacy Weldon, who still works her full-time job as the chief nursing officer at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center in Crosby.

“It was a big process with COVID and everything and because my mom and I were just pretty much going to open it three years ago,” Ally Weldon said. “But then COVID hit, which I think was probably good for us to wait a little bit. Now all three of us are working together on it.”


Both Weldon and Lubrecht said the plan to open a boutique just sort of happened.

“We got the concrete poured last fall, and then we worked really hard this winter,” Lubrecht said. “We got it open; we opened April 8.”

With the new business came a lot of learning.

“The Square system, setting that up was a whole process, and inventorying, which neither of us have ever done before,” Weldon said. “Yeah, there was a lot of YouTube involved.”

It’ll be interesting to take what we’ve learned so far and try to narrow down what we’re shopping for.
Molly Lubrecht

“Stocking, I think, is a learning curve,” Lubrecht said. “For example, our ‘dog mama’ sweatshirt went really well at first. We sold out, restocked it. They all sat and sat. And then this last weekend, I think we sold like almost 10 in a day.”

Lubrecht and Weldon recently went to market to look for new brands and styles to carry in the shop.

Lake Latitude (1)
Molly Lubrecht, left, and Ally Weldon, right, are shown at market in 2022.

“It’ll be interesting to take what we’ve learned so far and try to narrow down what we’re shopping for,” Lubrecht said. “It’ll be good to find more brands that we like. It’s just so hard to look at everything online, and be like, ‘Hmm, hopefully this is cute. Hopefully this is good quality.’”

The search for products to carry in the store is made easier because Lubrecht and Weldon know what they want to sell.


“I would say cozy, casual and classy,” Lubrecht said.

Lake Latitude also appeals to a large market because of the age range between Ally Weldon, Lubrecht and Stacy Weldon, Ally Weldon said.

“I think, too, we try to keep in mind what a lot of the other stores’ (in Nisswa) vibes are, and we kind of try to be different as much as we can,” Lubrecht said. “Obviously, trendy things are trendy things, so there’s going to be some overlap.”

Lake Latitude (2)
The inside of Lake Latitude on Nisswa Avenue in June 2022.
Megan Buffington / Echo Journal

Lubrecht and Weldon look forward to joining the Nisswa business community.

“(The other boutiques) have all been super nice about pushing people toward us or checking us out and then sending people our way if we have something they don’t,” Weldon said.

People don't just come here for one of us, they come here for all of us.
Molly Lubrecht

“And likewise. I went and I did my little swoop because I want to know where to send people because obviously we’re all a team,” Lubrecht said. “People don’t just come here for one of us, they come for all of us.”

The Weldons have been living in the area for around four years, having moved when Stacy Weldon was offered her job at CRMC. They had vacationed at Grand View Lodge in the summer for years and Weldon said it was her parents’ dream to move where they vacationed.

Weldon graduated from Pequot Lakes High School in 2021 and attends Central Lakes College for nursing.


Lubrecht is from Elk River and moved north in October 2021.

“From the day I met Chase (Lubrecht’s fiance), he was like, ‘The next five to 10 years, I’ll be up north. That’s my game plan.’ So I kind of knew it was gonna happen, but we just didn’t know when.”

The connection to the Elk River-Princeton area is part of the reason for plans to launch an online store in the fall.

“I have so many friends who are like, ‘Are you online? Because I don’t go north every weekend,’” Lubrecht said. “So I think (an online store) would be good for that whole market, too.”

Lubrecht and Weldon said another store is a possibility in the future, but there are no concrete plans yet.

Both are thankful for the support shown to them and the business so far.

“It’s a very welcoming community, that’s for sure,” Lubrecht said. “Everyone’s like, ‘We’ve been waiting. We’ve been watching.’ So it’s fun.”

Megan Buffington, Echo Journal intern, may be reached at 218-855-5854 or . She is a 2021 Pequot Lakes High School graduate who attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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