Faith: Who truly needs to be found - God, or is it us?

God is not lost. It is God who is constantly searching for God’s lost children, wanting to enfold them with God’s blessings.

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The story goes that on a hot summer day an anxious mother could not find her little 5-year-old son. She called and called, but there was no answer.

When she finally found him, he was at the top of the tallest tree in their yard.

“Robert Jeffery,” she called. (You know you are in trouble when your mother uses your full first name and your middle name.) “What are you doing up there? Come down this very minute!”

There followed a mumbling reply that she could not understand. After a few moments, he emerged from the lowest branch, slid down the tree and walked to her side. Both arms were scratched and his pants plainly showed that they had been subjected to a hard climb.

But to the anxious mother’s surprise there was none of the mischief she expected to see in his eyes. Taken aback by this, but still upset, she seized him by the hand and asked, “What were you doing up there?”


He stood away from her, looked up and set his big, dark eyes upon her with a seriousness as never before. Then he answered, “I went up there to look for God!”

In all his youthful eagerness this little boy had gone in search of God. He wanted to talk to God and be close to God.

How many of us have done that? Search for God in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, in the woods, on a mountaintop, in the stream, etc. We search for God and use the wrong channels while we are trying.

Most of us make the mistake of going in search of God as though God was lost. We act like orphans, or like sheep without a shepherd.

How unnecessary it is for us to behave this way. God is always present. We do not have to go out to look for God. Instead, God comes looking for us. In fact, God’s Spirit is calling us to be by God’s side every moment of every day. Only as we come to God can we be satisfied.

It is God who is constantly searching for God’s lost children, wanting to enfold them with God’s blessings. Like a mother hen protecting her children under her wing. Or like a shepherd leaving the 99 to go in search of the one who is lost. God knows us and claims us.

God is not lost. It is we who have lost our way, but God is there to lead us back home.

Drew Bakken is pastor at Lutheran Church of the Cross in Nisswa.

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