Crow Wing County reminds parents of child support cost-of-living adjustment

Consumer Price Index is used to determine the amount of the increase


BRAINERD — Parents with court ordered child support obligations are subject to a biannual (every two years) cost-of-living adjustment to their basic child support. This practice is in accordance with Minnesota Statute 518A.75.

The Consumer Price Index is used to determine the amount of the increase. The CPI is a measure of the average change in prices over time in a fixed market of goods and services and does not have any direct association with child support.

Due to the increase in the overall general cost of living, the CPI’s increase and effect for child support obligations will range between 13.6% and 15% in 2023. These adjustments are effective May 1.

If your child support will be affected by a COLA in 2023, you will receive a notice in the mail from the Child Support Office. This notice will indicate the amount of the adjustment and will provide additional information regarding the effective date, and will also explain the ability to contest this adjustment.

The adjustment is contestable if the paying parent’s income has not increased at the same rate as the 2023 COLA increase on their court ordered child support. If neither parent objects to the adjustment, the COLA will automatically go into effect.


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Your COLA notice will contain contact information for the county child support office to discuss the adjustment and the timelines involved. If you do not get the notice or you do not know if your child support is due for COLA in 2023 you can:

  • Log in to Minnesota Child Support Online, click on the "Case Info: tab and select "Actions in the last 90 days" to see a note about a cost-of-living adjustment for your case.
  • Contact the Crow Wing County Child Support office at or 218-824-1260.
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