County property value notices and tax statements have been mailed

The notice of property valuation and classification shows the 2023 value and classification of the property for taxes payable in 2024.

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CROW WING COUNTY — Crow Wing County property owners will be receiving both their annual notice of property valuation and classification for taxes payable next year, and the tax statement for taxes due this year. Both notices will arrive in one envelope.

The notice of property valuation and classification shows the 2023 value and classification of the property for taxes payable in 2024. Property owners are encouraged to review current valuation and classification because these will be relied upon to determine taxes due in 2024. Property owners should contact the Crow Wing County Land Services Department with any questions about their 2023 valuation or classification reported in the notice.

The 2023 tax statement included in the mailing is taxes due this year. The amount owed is determined by applying last year’s property valuation and classification to this year’s spending levels approved by local units of government. Each tax statement shows the amount of tax dollars that need to be paid, and by when, in 2023. First-half of 2023 property taxes are due May 15 for most property classifications. Payments after May 15 may be subject to penalties.

“County staff analyzed 3,200 real estate sales within Crow Wing County that occurred between October 2021 through September 2022 to set the 2023 valuations. We continued to see increases in what buyers were willing to pay for properties during this time frame, however the overall increases were not as significant as the prior year.” stated Sandra Brueland, Property Assessor Supervisor.

“Even if your property increases in value, it does not automatically indicate that your property taxes will do the same. The main reason taxes increase is due to government spending at the local level. County, School, City and Township spending decisions determine how much property tax needs to be collected. Individual property valuations determine what portion each parcel of property will need to pay of the overall tax need in each taxing jurisdiction”, stated Gary Griffin, Land Services Director for Crow Wing County.


Taxpayers are encouraged to contact the Land Services Department with any questions they may have about their property’s valuation and classification, or their 2023 tax statement. Taxpayers may contact Land Services at 218-824-1010, by email address at: , or by visiting the website at

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