As Mayor for a Day, this Nisswa student would make sure the city is kind and clean

Fourth grader Ally Oium helps Nisswa mayor open the city council meeting and reads her essay

Ally Oium, Nisswa School fourth grader, as Mayor for the Day in Nisswa May 17, 2022
Ally Oium, a Nisswa Elementary School fourth grader, helps Nisswa Mayor John Ryan open the regular city council meeting Tuesday, May 17, 2022, where she read her "Mayor for a Day" essay.
Nancy Vogt / Echo Journal

NISSWA โ€” Mayor John Ryan had a little help at the start of the Tuesday, May 17, Nisswa City Council meeting when Nisswa Elementary School fourth grader Ally Oium helped him open the meeting.

Oium participated in the League of Minnesota Cities Mayor for a Day essay contest for fourth through sixth graders. After helping Ryan open the meeting, she read her essay for the council:


If I was a mayor for the day I would pick up trash. Because if you did not pick up trash the animals would die and we do not want that!

I would make sure everybody is safe with a fire department and police. I would make sure I get everything people need to live a happy life.

I would make sure all people will get education. I will work hard to make sure my city will be a kind city and a clean city.


I will make a garden center for people to enjoy nature. I will always have a positive attitude. And try to inspire others to work together.

I would make sure that if there are any poor people I would get them a home. If any damage was done I will help fix it.

I would make sure we have a big park for people and their pets to play. I will listen to everybody's comments to help the town. And make them happy.

I will try to make everybody's dreams come true. I will keep the streets clean. I will make a group that helps keep the streets clean and for us to have running water.

I will teach people how to help our community. I will check on the stores to make sure everything is going good.

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