Breezy Point is exploring the possibility of constructing a community center.

In January 2020, the Breezy Point City Council adopted an update to the city’s comprehensive plan, reflecting the goals of the city for future development and serving as a guide for future ordinance changes, rezoning requests and other improvements like road improvements, sewer extensions and parks.

During the review and update to the comprehensive plan, residents expressed a desire to continue to expand community buildings, specifically with respect to a community center. Residents want a central location to gather with family and friends, participate in physical fitness and engage in educational opportunities.

Input from the community raises additional questions, such as how a facility like this should be used, where it should be located and what amenities should be available.

Results from the city’s survey thus far indicate roughly 81% of individuals support the idea of a community center in town, with many of them split on its location between the north end of town - near city hall and the park - or on the west side near the ice arena.

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The most requested amenities include a gym, pool, walking track and weight room. Others such as a coffee shop, library and pickleball court also received votes.

The city council has engaged the services of engineering firm Widseth to complete a feasibility study to address those questions. Additionally, the council created a Community Center Task Force, made up of roughly 20 community members to provide direction and feedback.

As part of this process, the consultants, council members, staff and task force members have met at least monthly, visited three other facilities for comparison and attended public gatherings of the city such as the Butterfly Release, Golf Cart Rodeo and Night to Unite to gather input on what is of interest to the residents.

The survey can be found at

Widseth is expected to present the feasibility report, summarizing the results of the feasibility study, at the city council’s Monday, Nov. 1, regular meeting.

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