The Pequot Lakes City Council on Tuesday, Sept. 7, discussed and then agreed to take no action on a petition from 12 property owners to detach their properties from the city and join Loon Lake Township.

The detachment request includes 22 people and six properties totaling 61.65 acres. The reasons to seek detachment included that city taxes are high for amenities received and very little road maintenance is done, petitioners said.

Resident Jesse Sullivan said petitioners recently learned about a state statute that allows people who live on a township border to seek detachment from a city, so they looked into it.

Mayor Tyler Gardner explained that people who have city water and sewer pay for those services. This is the first he’s heard about the petitioners’ issues, he said.

Council member Scott Pederson said the city’s tax rate will drop 2.5% and hasn’t increased in recent years. He urged petitioners to check their taxes because any rise in city taxes could be due to increasing property values.

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The council was sympathetic to the road issues mentioned. Pederson did say that the residents are paying taxes for city streets that they likely travel.

“If everyone moves out (of the city), who pays for streets to bring people to schools and stores?” he asked.

City Administrator Rich Spiczka said a hearing would take place if the petition is filed with the state (which it hadn’t been), and the city would then have 60 days to act. If the city and Loon Lake Town Board took the same action (or no action, as the council did), there would be no hearing.

In other business Sept. 7, the council:

  • Agreed to amend the official zoning map to allow Andrew Akerson to rezone a 34.84-acre tract of land from agriculture to rural residential. The property contains a dwelling and an accessory structure and is accessed via Akerson Road.

  • Agreed to amend the official zoning map to allow Salvatore Sposito to rezone a 20-acre tract of land from agriculture to forest management. The property contains a dwelling with an attached garage and a small accessory structure and is accessed via Rolling Meadows Lane.

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