The Pine River-Backus School Board will soon look different, with Roger Hoplin taking the place of current board member Dawn Rubner after election results were tallied.

Hoplin garnered the second-most votes with 2,173 (21.48%) to Rubner's 1,844 (15.31%). Re-elected were incumbents Dave Sheley with the most votes at 2,456 (28.60%), and Chris Cunningham with 2,084 (24.27%).

Both Hoplin and Rubner, who was first elected in 2016 for a four-year term, were grateful to their supporters.

"I appreciate the trust and support," said Hoplin, owner of Bites Grill and Bar in Pine River.

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"I guess I will say thank you to all my supporters," Rubner said. "I wish good luck to the new board member and the board members moving forward. I wish them the best."

Hoplin is now preparing for a new life experience being part of the board.

"It feels pretty good. I'm honored to be able to represent the school and probably a little scared because there's always this side and that side and some people want something done," Hoplin said. "How do you please everyone? I've got a lot to learn."

Hoplin and new Superintendent Jon Clark will both attend mandatory trainings to get them both up to speed in the district.

"We're going to be starting in probably a couple of weeks. We've got to get it done," Hoplin said. "I imagine those trainings will teach me a lot, but I'm glad to join the team."

Pine River-Backus School Board (elect 3)

David Sheley Jr. (incumbent) 2,456 (28.60%)

Christopher Cunningham (incumbent) 2,084 (24.27%)

Dawn Rubner (incumbent) 1,844 (21.48%)

Roger Hoplin 2,173 (15.31%)

Write-ins 29 (0.34%)

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