The city of Pine River made a $27,051.73 change order for their payments to Gridor Construction for work on the water tower well house, for once the adjustment was in the city's favor.

The difference in cost was due to savings on materials. City Engineer Bryan Drown recommended the council issue a change order with the credit noted in order to satisfy record keeping for the assistance the city received to pay for the project. In addition to approving the change order and learning of the credit, the council issued the final payment to Gridor Construction for the well house project.

The council also reviewed progress on the water tower project. Drown said there are only a few punch list items left before that project is completed as well.

The city has used warranties and insurance for the new well pump systems already according to Public Works Director Mike Hansen. In one occasion a squirrel caused two well controllers to short out and a lightening storm damaged two more on a later date.

In other business, the council:

  • Began discussion on the possibility of taking over water and sewer lines installed in Oxford Oaks, a neighborhood development where several homes were constructed along with sewer and water lines that meet city standards. The council will decide at a later date.
  • Began considering the fate of property donated back to the city from MnDOT near the dam. The city must decide whether to sell it as commercial property or keep it as park space. The decision will determine whether or not the city will install water lines in the area for a potential commercial property. If the council decides to do so, Hansen said they can get a better price by doing it while Cass County is completing road work.
  • Approved reassigning an existing lease for one hangar at the Pine River Regional Airport and assigning a new lease for another.
  • Tabled a revolving loan request by David Pater for $20,000, or approximately half of the city's current revolving loan fund. Pater wants to buy the Ammarilla House. The decision was tabled in part out of caution, as the city has had to abandon repayment of at least one revolving loan in the past. The city was also interested in seeing if the property will still be exempt from certain safety codes if it changes hands or whether the new owners will choose to meet those codes.
  • Approved a request by a property owner to temporarily waive a rental license fee, as the owner does not plan to continue to rent out the unit once the current residents are evicted. The eviction process, however, has been made more difficult due to laws relating to COVID-19.