The Pine River-Backus School Board had a work session Monday, Feb. 3, where the star of the show was facility updates to sole compliance issues.

For months the board has discussed the proper approach to updating facilities in the high school gymnasium and football field to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards and to resolve other issues as well. During the work session, the board reviewed a proposal for a bond issuance for $500,000 to pay for both projects without requiring new taxes from the district.

"It is zero tax impact," said Business Manager Jolene Bengtson. "We are using existing levy dollars to fund the payments and it doesn't need to be voter approved because of that."

Board members did not approve bond issuance Feb. 3; they merely drafted a plan that will go before the board for a vote Monday, Feb. 10.

"They haven't done anything on it yet," Bengtson said. "Monday they will vote to approve or reject a bond issue of $500,000. It is split between the high school gym renovations and the football field concessions/restroom building."

Of that $500,000, $200,000 would go toward bleachers, floors, walls, basketball hoops and equipment in the high school gym with $300,000 to go toward the demolition of the current non-operational, ADA non-compliant bathroom/concessions building at the football field and construction of a new ADA compliant bathroom/concessions building with four men's stalls, four women's stalls and two family stalls.

Both projects were prompted by state regulators who noted compliance issues in both facilities. Some of the plans are being borrowed from the failed 2019 bond referendum plans.

Bids will go out in spring for the football field project if the board approves the bond issue Feb. 10.