A downtown Pequot Lakes business owner asked the city council Tuesday, Jan. 21, to consider the city’s retailers during planned summer road improvements.

Dean Brandt, owner of Expressions Shoe Center on Main Street, said work done four years ago on North Washington Avenue between Expressions and the Jack Pine Center took at least two months during the summer business season to complete.

This summer’s planned work on Rasmussen Road - the road in front of Leslie’s and Timeless Appeal - and South Washington Avenue - the road next to the American Legion - will be detrimental to businesses in that area, Brandt said.

“If it’s done in July and August, that will be devastating,” he said.

When the County State Aid Highway 11 roundabouts and Highway 371 work was done several summers ago, Brandt said he lost $50,000 in sales that summer because the city didn’t have the traffic flow from the Breezy Point side.

“I will close up if that happens again,” he said, asking the council if the Rasmussen Road and Main Street intersection would close for road work, as well as Main Street when sewer work is done on North and South Washington.

Public Works Supervisor Jason Gorr said the city engineer is cognizant to maintain access to all properties, and Gravdahl Drive will be used as the bypass when other road work is done.

“The concern is timing,” Brandt said, advising the council to consider not taking the lowest bidder and doing the street projects in the fall.

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