The city council approved the sale of five lots of the Breezy Point Business Park subdivision along County Road 4 on Monday, Oct. 7.

The city received one proposal from the Pelican Lakes Conservation Club. In that proposal, the club discusses its desire to clean up previous storm damage, increase the nearby trail system, install signage for specific nature sites and donate $10,000 to the city’s park fund to assist with replacing the dock at the boat landing on Pelican Lake.

The city gave a counter proposal to the club with the following stipulations: a $100 purchase price; the city will create a quit claim deed; the city will include lots 1-5 and all of outlot A west of Thrane Drive in a quit claim deed; the club will grant an easement for all of outlot A, so the city can continue its brush drop-off practices and use the wood-burning site; the club will schedule a closing and pay for all associated costs; the club will donate $10,000 to the park fund and will clean up blow down; the club’s vision is to increase trail and picnic area for public use, including signage for specific sites.

“This counter proposal has been discussed with PLCC, and they have agreed to this,” Mayor Tom Lillehei said.

In other action Monday, the council:

  • Took no action on a request to vacate a portion of utility easements originally approved with the North Star Center after opening a public hearing on the matter and receiving no public input.

  • Approved feasibility reports for street improvements to Ossawinamakee Road, Graf Road and Sunset Strip.

  • Approved a request for proposal for engineering services, which is done on a somewhat regular basis to ensure the city gets the best service for the best price.

“It does not mean we are dissatisfied with our existing engineer,” Lillehei said. “We just do this periodically.”

  • Approved an updated version of the city sidewalk maintenance policy, with minimal changes.

  • Received verbal updates on several street improvement projects, as well as the project to provide sanitary sewer services at the Pelican Lake Conservation Club.

  • Learned that in September, the Breezy Point Police Department responded to 212 incidents, including two traffic arrests, six crashes and four thefts.