A first look at Nisswa’s proposed 2020 budget and tax levy projects an estimated $2,554,491 general levy tax levy, which would be $211,838 (9.2%) higher than this year’s levy.

The city’s tax rate is estimated at 35.16%, compared to 33.22% in 2019.

For perspective, past year city levy increases were:

  • 2015: $35,476 levy increase.

  • 2016: $28,522 levy increase.

  • 2017: $58,045 levy increase.

  • 2018: $102,618 levy increase.

  • 2019: $187,684 levy increase.

The city’s tax rate has gone from 21.253% in 2010 to 33.22% in 2019.

The estimated 2020 budget is $3,049,924.

Proposed budget increase items the council is reviewing include costs of county and state road projects (local cost sharing), a third election in 2020 because of a new state law, increased costs for the local recycling program while state and county funding decreases, the first full year of the 2018 road bond being incorporated into the budget, and looking into incorporating a new equipment rotation plan with some funds needed on the front end to start the program. Costs would then remain flat and consistent.

The city can’t finalize salary and benefit figures for one union contract that has yet to be settled.

The city must adopt a preliminary levy by Sept. 30. That number can then be decreased, but not increased, before the council adopts the final levy in December.

The council held a budget and levy discussion Aug. 22. Another review will take place at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18, before the regular council meeting.