The Jenkins City Council agreed Monday, June 10, to approve anti-dust measures for dirt roads in the city in spite of the city contractor not having the preferred concentration of chemicals.

The city was hoping to contract with Knife River Paving for application of a 30% solution of anti-dust chemicals; however, the contractor will not have that concentration on hand until likely after July 4.

The contractor is short on the old 38% concentration as well, but estimated that the 38% solution would likely be available ahead of the busy July 4 weekend.

The council had hoped to reduce the chemical concentration. Though a lower concentration means the anti-dust measures would not last as long, the council and local residents wanted the amount of chemicals to be reduced. The prospect of going through a busy holiday weekend without dust control outweighed that desire.

Absent from the meeting were Mayor Jon Lubke and council member Charles Hoffman.

In other business Monday, the council:

• Agreed to hire a service to clean city hall twice a month for $75 a month.

• Decided to seek information from Minnesota Rural Water regarding interim clerk services when Clerk Krista Okerman leaves the city.