The city of Emily is making progress in finding a solution to an issue with funding of lakes in a local lake improvement district, city attorney Tom Pearson said in unapproved draft meeting minutes.

The city agreed on July 9 to approve a waiver between the city and Ruth Lake Improvement District to allow the city to budget and appropriate Emily Waters funds for a lake improvement district. Pearson is now working to collaborate with Crooked Lake, Little Pine and Fairfield townships to develop joint powers agreements that would allow the city to budget and appropriate Emily Waters funds for lake associations in the area for aquatic invasive species treatments.

The agreements will allow the city or townships to provide funding only if they wish to. It will not require funding.

The Emily Waters Committee had recommended the city contribute $5,000 of funds for the Ruth Lake Improvement District.

In other business, the council:

  • Approved reimbursement of $456.31 for emergency electrical work at the Emily Emergency Food Shelf, which shares the building.
  • Approved purchase of a trailer from Roth RV for $3,768.25 for the fire department. The council also agreed not to sell the six wheel trailer previously approved for sale on June 11. The fire department and first responders still use the trailer.
  • Agreed to continue providing public safety contracts with Little Pine and Fairfield townships under the terms of the old agreement that expired June 30 until the townships have a chance to approve or turn down a new agreement.
  • Approved refund of an $80 inspection fee to Up North Renovations. Inspections were not performed.
  • Approved a Sourcewell comprehensive plan update proposal for $11,000. The process will begin in 2019.
  • Approved $61,135 for Anderson Brothers to refurbish North Shore Drive, Yellow Birch Road, Birchwood Drive, Shadow Point Road and East Emily Drive. The repairs would include overlays and some culvert replacement.
  • Approved a proposal to move the snowmobile trail from State Highway 6 to South Bay Drive on request of the Emily-Outing Snowbirds Snowmobile Club.
  • Approved an invoice from Knife River for $14,234.85 for calcium chloride application.
  • Approved a Swenson Aggregate & Construction invoice for $1,851.20 for hauling class 5 from the city stockpile to South Lawrence Lake Road.
  • Approved an estimate for a graphic system for the city of Emily logo sign for the council chambers for $150.66.
  • Approved the resignation of park commission member Penny Stiles. The open position will be posted and advertised.
  • Received a donation offer of a local storefront that would be moved by its owner. The city would need to pay for footings and renovations. The storefront was originally a post office in 1908. The council decided to have Mayor Roger Lund and council member Gerhart Hanson inspect the building and make recommendations at a special council meeting.
  • Agreed to allow the city clerk/treasurer to decide whether the deputy clerk attends regular council meetings.
  • Agreed to request that the maintenance department supervisor either attend regular meetings or submit monthly reports.
  • Learned recycling contamination has been decreasing but still continues. The recycling bins are inspected twice per day to remove contaminants. The city has a budget that pays fees charged for contaminated loads. That budget is negative. It was determined that the city needs additional funds from Crow Wing County in addition to daily inspections or the recycling program will need to close due to contamination. The city reviewed a sample ordinance that would charge city residents for curbside recycling on a bi-weekly basis, either $6 or $7.50 per month charged to property owners.