The Crosslake Community School Board accepted Karen Larson's resignation from the board during its monthly meeting Monday, Nov. 12, at Crosslake Community School.

Larson resigned following her re-election to the board due to a conflict of interest. Her daughter, Jennifer Muller, was recently hired to Crosslake Community School's online education staff. The board was unaware of the conflict prior to Larson's re-election. According to policy, Larson should not have been an eligible candidate.

Corrie Craig, a Crosslake community member, will fill the vacancy.

The council voted unanimously to increase the second-grade enrollment cap from 19 to 20 students.

The request to increase the grade level cap comes from a family wishing to enroll their daughter in the school. With the former 19-student limit, second grade was full and could not accept new students.

School Director Todd Lyscio brought to the board's attention that another family with a second-grade student currently enrolled has given notice of their intention to withdraw their family from the school due to a change in residency. Therefore, the number of students enrolled in second grade would return to 19 within a number of weeks.

The council approved the grade level increase to 20 students generally, not temporarily. However, this was done with the understanding that open seats are not back-filled by the school. After the currently enrolled student withdraws, the enrollment total will drop back to 19 and the school will not fill the vacancy.

In other business Monday, the council:

• Approved board election results.

• Approved updates to the student literacy plan.

• Approved the World's Best Workforce summary highlighting strategies and initiatives Crosslake Community School used in the past year to meet or work toward goals.

• Approved district testing procedures.

Daniel Jett, an independent consultant, observed and evaluated the board meeting on behalf of Audubon Center of the North Woods, the authorizer for Crosslake Community School.