The Nov. 6 election was a night for incumbents for legislative districts 10A, 9A, 5B and 10B. In several races the margins were very wide from the start, but in at least the 5B race, the outcome was too close to call until the end.

House District 10A

Incumbent Rep. Josh Heintzeman, R-Nisswa, claimed victory over DFL candidate Dale Menk from Brainerd late Tuesday night. Heintzeman commanded a 4,696 vote lead with 11,907 votes over Menk's 7,211 votes. Heintzeman was grateful to his district for what will be his second term.

"It feels really good," Heintzeman said. "I'm super honored to have the opportunity to represent District 10 again. You think you have a pretty good idea where your district is at on the issues and an election cycle really gives you a good opportunity to see for sure. It's been a blessing to serve these last four years. I'm definitely looking forward to the next two."

House District 10A includes Nisswa, Pequot Lakes, Jenkins, Breezy Point and Gail Lake, Jenkins, Ideal, Pelican, Mission, Center and Lake Edward townships, Brainerd, Baxter and Unorganized Territory in Crow Wing County.

House District 9A

At the time of this publication, incumbent Rep. John Poston, R-Lake Shore, was leading candidate Alex Hering, DFL candidate from Pillager, by 4,601 votes with 50 of 71 precincts (70.41 percent) reporting. At the time, Wadena County was yet to report due to some polling equipment issues. Poston said he felt fairly confident because he had approximately 60 percent of the vote in Wadena County during his last election.

"At this point I feel very good," Poston said. "I've felt all along through the campaign that I've done a pretty good job in my first term. I was hoping that that would carry through in this election and I think it has. I feel good about what I've done and I feel good about what the election is at this time. I'm waiting anxiously for Wadena County to come in, who has had some problems with their polling, but I feel pretty good at this point and time."

House District 9A includes East Gull Lake, Lake Shore, Fairview, Home Brook, Loon Lake, Wilson, Walden and Bungo townships in Cass County, as well as parts of Wadena and Todd counties.

House District 5B

Incumbent Rep. Sandy Layman, R-Cohasset, returns to her position following her contest against DFL candidate Pat Medure from Grand Rapids.

The 5B race was close through most of election night. The end results were only certain when the last few districts came in and the gap between the two widened, earning Layman 10,107 votes and Medure 9,305 votes.

"I'm very happy to win re-election to represent this district," Layman said. "It was a good night for our district with Pete Stauber winning his race and our wins in District 5. I would like to say I really feel privileged to represent this district and I'm looking forward to continuing to serve. I've really grown to know this district even more during my two years of service and I'm looking forward to being given the opportunity by the voters to go back to St. Paul on their behalf and to serve this district."

House District 5B includes Pine River, Backus, Chickamaw Beach and McKinley, Bull Moose, Pine River, Barclay, Deerfield, Powers and Ponto Lake townships in Cass County, as well as other parts of Cass and Itasca counties.

House District 10B

Though vote counts came in too late to reach out for comment, incumbent Rep. Dale Lueck, R-Aitkin, won with a wide margin against DFL candidate Phil Yetzer from Crosby. At 1 a.m. Wednesday, the final 3.3 percent of the precincts were yet to be counted and Lueck had 12,503 votes compared to Yetzer's 6,535 votes. It was too wide a margin for Yetzer to close with only three precincts yet to come in.

House District 10B includes Crosslake, Manhattan Beach, Fifty Lakes, Emily and Timothy, Fairfield, Little Pine, Ross Lake, Perry Lake and Wolford townships in Crow Wing County, as well as other parts of Crow Wing and all of Aitkin County. This will be Lueck's third term. He was first elected in 2014.