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Pequot Lakes: Tayloe to lead as mayor

James Tayloe1 / 5
Jerry Akerson2 / 5
Cheri Seils3 / 5
Pequot Lakes voters cast their votes Tuesday, Nov. 6, at the Cole Memorial Building. Travis Grimler / Echo Journal 4 / 5
Travis Grimler / Echo Journal On Election Day, voters flocked to the polls at the Cole Memorial Building in Pequot Lakes.5 / 5

A new face will lead the Pequot Lakes City Council as mayor in 2019. James Tayloe handily won the Tuesday, Nov. 6, election with 633 votes (61.10 percent) to former mayor and council member Cathy Malecha's 400 votes (38.61 percent).

Cheri Seils and incumbent Jerry Akerson were elected to the two four-year council seats, defeating newcomer Jeff Boucher. Seils garnered 677 votes (41.43 percent); Akerson received 612 votes (37.45 votes); and Boucher got 337 votes (20.62 percent).

Tayloe, Seils and Akerson were strongly backed by the People for Pequot group of Pequot Lakes residents and business owners with similar concerns about the city. The group endorsed those three candidates, running under the platform to not tear out a portion of Patriot Avenue to expand Trailside Park and not to fund park improvements with taxpayer money.

Tayloe, a 14-year resident, said: "I supported the community. The People of Pequot are behind us. We won and we will make a change."

Mayor Nancy Adams didn't seek re-election. First elected in 2008, she served four terms and eight years as mayor, with a two-year hiatus from 2015-16.

Seils is a former Nisswa City Council member and mayor, and she served on the Pequot Lakes Planning Commission. She is a 25-year resident and 30-year business owner.

"We're really excited to be on the council," she said.

Akerson won a third consecutive council term. He served for one term in the early 2000s and has now served since 2010. He is a 47-year resident.

"I'm so glad Patriot Avenue is going to hang on - I hope it is," Akerson said. "I don't think we're really going to change that much, but I think we're headed in the right direction.

"I think Pequot's going to be headed in a more positive direction. I think it's going to be a good change for Pequot."

Incumbent Randy Loukota didn't seek a second four-year council term.