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Crow Wing County reduces amount of document-recording time

Crow Wing County reported it improved the amount of time it takes for property owners and other taxpayers to have their documents legally recorded by the county.

A "top-to-bottom review" of the county's recording procedures in 2015 and 2016 resulted in a "new, more efficient recording process that slashed turnaround time by 66 percent last year," stated County Recorder Mark Liedl in a news release.

The 2016 average recording time was reduced from 7.4 days in 2016 to 2.5 days in 2017.

"Any organization—public or private—that can achieve a 66 percent improvement in its core service in one year is achieving something truly remarkable," Liedl said.

"That we have accomplished this with three fewer staff positions and significant reductions in annual taxpayer levy spending speaks volumes to the hard work and dedication of land services staff who are performing this important public service."

The revamped recording process implemented in January of 2017 eliminated redundant tasks

and handoffs, which contributed to delays in the recording process and the time the original

documents were returned to the customer, the release stated.

Previously, the recording process was like an assembly line in which each team member had a specific responsibility. In the new process, each team member is responsible for all stages of recording, from submission by the customer to completion and return to the customer.

"We believe by training staff to process both torrens and abstract documents, we have and will

continue to improve efficiency and provide better customer service," Doug Hansen, document recording supervisor, stated.

"Nearly 40 percent of the documents recorded in 2017 have been submitted electronically, which is another example of a service that we offer that has improved our overall efficiency and is more responsive to our customer's needs."