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Breezy Point: Council updates personnel policy, buys public works equipment

Breezy Point's personnel policy is newly updated after the city council approved changes to it at is Monday, Feb. 5, meeting.

The policy's largest change is the removal of most introductory period language because police officers are the only city employees who have a probationary period.

Other changes include vacation accrual. Employees will now accrue 80 hours of vacation - instead of 40 - in the first five years, and accrual will go up to 120 hours for years 6-10. Vacation time will increase to 160 hours after 10 years of employment, instead of the previous 15.

Employees are also now allowed to use vacation time in their first year.

Changes in wage rates will move to step increases annually, rather than every other year, under the new policy, and longevity pay for part-time employees will change to a 2 percent increase at 10 and 20 years instead of a $1 per hour increase.

Public safety

The Breezy Point Police Department responded to 114 calls in January, including four crashes, four traffic arrests, one theft and one fire. Police assisted other agencies 18 times.

The council renewed the city's police contract with Pelican Township and will continue to allocate 20 hours a week there. The 2018-19 contract includes about a $1,500 cost increase, which is similar to last year.

In other business Monday, the council:

• Tabled a decision on an offer to buy airport lot 42 until the full council could be there, as council members Michael Moroni and Gary Mitchell did not attend the meeting. Council member Rebecca Ball also said she would like more information on why the offer of $9,500 differed so much from the lot's appraised value of $22,000 in 2016.

• Heard that the Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting is set for 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 18, at city hall.

• Approved the city's annual year-end transfers, which includes scheduled transfers and transfers to and from the revolving capital fund to deal with expenses and revenues incurred during the year.

• Decided not to waive statutory tort limits, which is the same as the council has done in the past.

• Agreed to purchase two pieces of equipment for the public works department: a 2018 Bobcat 5600 Toolcat and mower attachment for $54,812 and a 2018 John Deere X739 mower and leaf bagger for $17,569.32. Both purchases cost less than the amount budgeted in 2017.