Fifty Lakes: Council approves slightly lower tax levy


Fifty Lakes will levy a total of $437,330 in 2018.

The city council passed the general tax levy, which is $370 lower than this year, at its Monday, Dec. 12, council meeting, according to unapproved draft meeting minutes. The levy breakdown is as follows:
• General: $190,510.

• Road and Bridge: $173,870.

• Fire and Rescue: $65,405.

• Parks: $7,500.

Liquor store

Liquor Manager Steve Maeger told the council he had a visit from alcohol and gambling enforcement officials, who informed him of an anonymous complaint. Inspector Scott Mueller requested the bar discontinue its mystery shots and remove a one-quarter liter bottle of Jim Beam Honey. Mueller informed Maeger that the marrying of bottles was illegal. No administrative action or follow-up review was needed.

The council accepted the resignation of Jen Wise from the 50 Lakes Bar and Bottle Shop.

In other business Dec. 12, the council:

• Amended its ordinance on right-of-way setbacks to reduce the right-of-way setback requirement in multiple land use classifications.

• Appointed planning commission member Fred Strohmeier to another four-year term on the commission. There is still one vacancy.

• Accepted a $2,000 donation from Lon Musolf to the fire and rescue department.

• Allowed up to four fire and rescue members to attend the EMS Arrowhead Conference in Duluth Jan. 18-21.

• Heard that Bob Wallin, a part-time maintenance worker, resigned. The council aims to hire someone before Dec. 31.

• Changed the employee paid sick leave accumulation from one day to half a day per calendar month based on average hours worked in a week.