Crow Wing County recently launched its redesigned website ( to provide residents and visitors a better visual and functional experience for interacting with the county.

The county worked with CivicPlus, a platform provider for local government, to produce a more modern and relevant design, according to a news release.

“We are very pleased with the work they have done bringing a fresh look to our site,” Marcus Cadena, county web administrator and project manager, said in a news release.

The launch culminates five months of work by the county redesign team, which consists of a cross section of county departments and CivicPlus.

The redesigned site features include an updated look and feel; more relevant navigation options, including links to popular content and services; area photos from residents and visitors; and visitor resources

In addition to updating the design, priority was put on enhancing the user experience to help better navigate information users are looking for. Analytics were reviewed to identify frequent searches and popular pages to make that information more easily accessible.

Another goal was to reduce outdated content.

“In evaluating what was on our site we found a fair amount of information that was outdated. Content that hadn’t been updated in several years or had little to no traffic. We wanted to take a good look at removing what we could to increase the visibility of the good information we have out there,” Cadena said.

To date, 72% of pages have been reviewed, 22% of pages have been updated with new information, and 10% of pages have been removed.

“While this is great progress, we will continuously review users’ behaviors on our site and act on the valuable feedback we are given. We encourage everyone to send us your feedback on what’s not working, or even what is working to help us keep pace with ever changing website practices to best serve our residents,” said IT Manager Jay Sikkink.

Website feedback can be given by visiting and answering a few brief questions.