Questions about roads arose at the Lake Shore City Council meeting Monday, July 22, according to unapproved draft meeting minutes.

Mitch Crocker again asked about 21st Avenue Southwest. An ongoing concern is a gate erected last fall across part of Townline Road/21st Avenue, section 6, which has led to road ownership questions. City Attorney Dan Hawley summarized the report he prepared for the Wastewater/Road Committee, ultimately finding that Cass County has designated 21st Avenue Southwest as a private road.

After much discussion, the Wastewater/Road Committee will review the information and report back to the council.

Scott Flategraff asked if Jacobs Road will be brushed on both sides; he also inquired about 72nd Street. Teri Hastings, city administrator/planning and zoning administrator, will talk to Rardin.

Flategraff and Crocker also asked about the potholes on Jacobs Road. The contract was awarded to Anderson Brothers last month and will be on their schedule.

The men asked what will happen if the city doesn’t receive Local Road Improvement Program funds from the state to pay for road repairs. Hastings said the city budget would have to increase significantly for the Jacobs Road improvement. The repair cost is three times what is budgeted annually for all of Lake Shore’s road maintenance and improvements.

In other business July 22:

  • Cass County Attorney Ben Lindstrom introduced himself and thanked Police Chief Steve Sundstrom for letting him ride along with the chief earlier that day. Lindstrom has been with the county attorney’s office since 2010 and became county attorney in 2017. He gave a brief description of what he does for the county.
  • Police reported 231 incidents In June, including 150 traffic-related incidents and 81 miscellaneous department activity.
  • Mayor Kevin Egan reported that he, Hastings and Cheryal Hills from Region 5 had a phone conference regarding broadband to keep the idea moving forward to get all of Lake Shore served with broadband. Egan wants to hire interns to go to the underserved areas in the city to check the internet availability and speed.