The Pine River City Council presented its plan to the public for the second leg of a five-year rotating road replacement schedule Thursday, July 11.

In 2015, the first leg of the project replaced two blocks of First Street immediately north and south of Park Avenue and a section of Norway Avenue from Highway 371 to First Street.

In 2020, the city plans to improve several segments of city street:

  • Maple Avenue from Highway 371 to First Street.
  • Arlina Avenue from Highway 371 to First Street.
  • Second Street South from Barclay Avenue to Norway Avenue.
  • Jefferson Avenue from First Street to Norway Lake Road.
  • Murray Avenue from County Road 42 to Norway Lake Road.

Two additional segments are being considered for improvement if the budget allows. Those sections are:

  • Parker Avenue from Third Street to Norway Lake Road.
  • Snell Avenue from Third Street to Norway Lake Road.

Project Engineer Bryan Drown of Bolton & Menk presented information on the project during the July 11 meeting, though only one resident was present. Reportedly, that resident asked if there would be any work on city utilities during the project.

In a phone interview, Drown said utilities such as water and sewer lines will receive work in isolated areas, including work on two sections of sewer on Jefferson, a main that has had problems with freezing and insulation of water services.

Because only one resident attended the meeting, planners met with some property owners along the construction area for feedback. The next step in the process is to begin construction plans with a goal of bids in January or February 2020. Drown said the city is attempting to keep the project costs within the current city budget for road improvements, approximately $600,000. Construction costs, however, are increasing constantly.

The rotating five-year road improvement schedule is designed to keep Pine River's streets in repair. The hope is that performing improvements on small sections of the city's streets every five years will help the city keep up with maintenance because not all roads will be in the same state of disrepair at the same time.

When it comes time to improve or replace road surfaces on the roads repaired during one of the five-year projects, the other city streets should be in better repair.