Jenkins residents issued complaints to council members for issues ranging from rental property management to road repairs during the Monday, July 8, regular meeting.

Speaking during the open forum, Donna Bowen's primary concerns were with safety in the city. She said needles have been found and there are issues of drug use.

She also was concerned with the safety of a trailer somewhere in the city limits. She said the trailer had various problems, including black mold, holes in the floors, no water or electricity and various safety issues. She asked if the city has any ordinances managing rentals in the city.

Mayor Jon Lubke said the city has already received complaints pertaining to all of these issues. The complaints regarding drug use have been submitted to the police and city attorney. Beyond that, the council was unable to comment.

As for rentals, Lubke said the city has not adopted state building codes or rental ordinances.

Jeffrey Wolle also spoke during open forum regarding damage to city streets. He pointed out a section of Summer Avenue where the road appears to be collapsing near where internet cables were bored under the street. He thought perhaps they bored too shallow. He said there is a sink hole under Lilac Avenue.

In other business Monday, the council:

  • Approved an extension for a permit for a Jenkins property owner who had attempted to move a trailer home onto his property for repair and eventual use, but once the trailer was determined to be beyond repair he began dismantling and hauling it away by pieces. The original permit was to expire July 8. The council agreed, given the owner's past reliability.
  • Discussed setting up a network of surveillance cameras in the city's parks. Council member Andrew Rudlang is working to set up the system; however, he has to test whether a lower cost option will work, or if the city will need to go for one of the higher end, more powerful options.
  • Agreed to reach out to begin planning for a grant a year from now that could give residents access to funding for improvements to their homes.