Have you been car shopping lately? We usually rely on the fine folks at Kimber Creek or Sweet Cars to walk us through the process - which is truly what it is, a process.

They are good about letting us know the car’s maintenance, mileage and any specific features it may have. Once you purchase a car, that process is not complete. A periodic systems check to make sure you are getting the most out of your vehicle is a continual necessity. You must then maintain that vehicle.

Following this line of thinking, let’s take a look at High Reliability Schools. HRS is a systems check for schools used at Pine River-Backus Schools. The different levels and indicators of HRS are used by our district as a way to make sure we have all systems in place and that our school is running and operating at its optimum level.

HRS also has systems checks in place to help us determine what needs to be addressed immediately and what needs continual maintenance.

Any organization of high reliability is continuously monitoring if the changes they are making are showing improvement or if the established practices are effective. To gauge this information, quick data or feedback is needed.

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Do you know where or how to provide feedback with the school? Give us a call: 218-587-4720. Would you rather email? Go to our homepage - www.prbschools.org - scroll past the COVID-19 information to the bottom of the page. See “feedback form."

Your feedback is needed for the continued success of our school. Please share your thoughts.

The success of HRS depends on a community component to assist with direction and gauge community support or affirmation. Please take advantage of these opportunities to be a part of a high reliability school.

Tina Hanneken is the Pine River-Backus High Reliability Schools coordinator.