A few short months ago I was packing up my office at Riverside Elementary School in Brainerd to begin my transition to the Pine River-Backus School District.

While packing, I came across a small bracelet I purchased from a student fundraiser for the Transition Plus Program. Stamped on the bracelet was the word “RESILIENCE,” which means an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

I have not taken that bracelet off since finding it as resilience seems to be a great word to describe 2020.

As the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year is quickly coming to a close on Nov. 6, we can definitely say all of us have had to adjust to constant change and unpredictability. For example, who would have guessed last Sunday (Oct. 11) when it was about 60 degrees that we would get our first snow that didn’t instantly melt six days later on Oct. 17?

Only in 2020 would we get snow this early along with everything else COVID-19 has brought. This year, anything and everything is possible.

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One thing that continues to be predictable and resilient, even this year, is the determination and drive of the Pine River-Backus students. In a year that looked like we wouldn’t have fall sports, our cross country runners worked hard and even hosted several meets for the first time in years.

Our volleyball players and football players continued to have hope, conditioned and made themselves ready for when the opportunity to play presented itself; and presented itself it did. They practice and prepare for games each week not knowing if they will be able to play, have the game rescheduled or even canceled. With the help of their coaches they stand ready.

Our student athletes are not the only ones working hard to bring some cheers back to PR-B. The members of the Pine River-Backus High School student government are working hard to bring back a fall coronation for the PR-B seniors and are busy brainstorming other activities. They show amazing determination and, should I say, resilience with the unknown and are working hard to bring a king and queen to PR-B.

All of these students don’t know what tomorrow will bring for them, but for me it is amazing to watch how resilient they truly are.

Jonathan Clark is Pine River-Backus School District superintendent.