As a part of a distance learning writing class, Eagle View Elementary School third-graders wrote reports about Pequot Lakes. Each day for three weeks students watched a tutorial online created by teacher Sean Bengtson to help them along every step of the way.

Following are some students' essays teachers submitted to share with Echo Journal readers.

Mindi Brill's class

By Brecken Gronholz

The city of Pequot Lakes is located in the heart of Minnesota and contains fun things to do like boating, fishing and biking. In the middle of town runs the famous Paul Bunyan Trail.

The Paul Bunyan trail is a 115 mile long paved trail that runs from Brainerd to Bemidji. Pequot Lakes is located on its 21st mile. It is Minnesota's longest paved trail. It used to be an old railroad called the Burlington Northern railroad line, but the railroad line was abandoned in 1983. My Grandpa, Curt Gronholz, remembers when they took out the railroad. It took two weeks to remove all the tracks from Nisswa to Pequot, then they had to pave it which took two years.

The Paul Bunyan trail is used all year round. In the summer you can bike and roller blade and in the winter you can snowmobile. And there's a bunch of fun events like in the summer we have Bean Hole Days in July by the park. And in the winter there is an antique snowmobile parade in January and lots more fun events.

Pequot Lakes has a lot of fun things to do but my favorite is to ride the Paul Bunyan Trail all year round.

By Breck Lottman

Today I will talk about Pequot Lakes. When you get to Pequot Lakes you will see our bobber water tower. Pequot Lakes got its name from an Indian tribe. We live in a rural community. It snows in the winter and is hot in the summer.

People enjoy the parks and restaurants. The businesses are mostly small but some are medium and some are big like Pequot Tool. People enjoy the food and drinks at the restaurants. We have lots of events like Bean Hole Days or Santa's Bobbin' Into Town.

In Pequot Lakes we have businesses like Ace Hardware, Elite Industries and lots more. We love our lakes. We have tons of lakes around our area.

In closing I like living in Pequot Lakes because we have lots of lakes and good people.

Kari Norton's class

By Lucas Headlee

Pequot Lakes, Minnesota is a very good place to live. You can do a lot of stuff in a small town. Pequot Lakes has a bunch of lakes too. If you need to go shopping you can find almost anything you need. It has a very good community and school district.

Pequot Lakes has many things that make it a great place like it has a Paul Bunyan Trail. You can ride bikes on the Paul Bunyan Trail. You can even take walks on the Paul Bunyan Trail.

In our area we have four seasons: summer, spring, fall and winter. There's always something to do.

I would recommend coming to Pequot Lakes. You could come check out the bobber water tower. You can see all the state flags in the United States of America in our park in our town. You can come and get a bowl of beans at the Bean Hole Days Festival. Our area gets a lot of tourists to go camping and fishing on our great lakes.

My Dad says “Pequot Lakes is a great place to come and have a great time.” I agree.

Lucas Headlee shared this photo of Pequot Lakes.
Lucas Headlee shared this photo of Pequot Lakes.

By Brickson Headley

Pequot Lakes wasn't always named Pequot Lakes; 100 years ago Pequot was once named Sibley and Frogtown, but then was changed in the 1900s to Pequot Lakes.

Back then most people that lived in Pequot spoke Ojibwe.

Some other cool stuff is that the Pequot water tower is painted to look like a bobber in a lake. 10 years ago in the 2010 census there were 2,162 people, 576 families living in the city, and 955 households.

Not many know that the road in the middle of Pequot was once an International Railway. A small part of the Northern Pacific Railway. It operated on the border of Canada and the United States.

“What I love most about the Pequot Lakes area is that my grandkids get to grow up in a small community filled with kind and loving people. I love spending time in Pequot Lakes shopping and playing with my grandkids on the lake and on trails and going out for ice cream.” - Dawn Saxton (Nana)

Brickson Headley shared this photo of himself by the miniature Pequot Lakes bobber water tower where people take selfie photos.
Brickson Headley shared this photo of himself by the miniature Pequot Lakes bobber water tower where people take selfie photos.

Cheryl Rohrbach's class

By Claire Glaser

Pequot Lakes, MN is a rural town in Crow Wing County. All around town you will see mostly lakes and trees. It is part of an area nicknamed the Brainerd Lakes Area. Pequot Lakes has four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. It became a town July 1, 1902. The population is 2,346 people and is increasing.

If you live in Pequot Lakes, there are a lot of different things to do. Some of the jobs are manufacturing, restaurants, library, grocery store, retail shops, dentist, hair salons, gas stations and banks. There are also seven different parks in Pequot Lakes. You can visit the lake, have a picnic, play at a playground, or take a walk down a trail.

Need a place for your dog? Well, there is a dog park too. Some of the landmarks you see there are many lakes, the bobber water tower, the fire tower, the Veterans Memorial and the new flag display. My friend Dick likes to see Thurlow’s Hardware Store and calls it a landmark in Pequot Lakes because it has been there for so long.

There are also lots of community events to enjoy. Some of the festivals in Pequot Lakes are the Stars and Stripes Days on the Fourth of July, the Chokecherry Festival and Bean Hole Days. My friend Dick enjoys the firefighters street dance, music in the park, antique snowmobile show and the Cherry Car Show.

He says, “I like Pequot Lakes because of the very nice people that live there.” If you come to Pequot Lakes you would find a lot of fun and can end the day with a sunset over a lake.

By Damian McLaughlin

Minnesota is a state in the northern middle area of the country. We are known for our 10,000 lakes. Many people vacation to our state for hunting, fishing, boating and fishing during the summer. In the winter many people come to Minnesota for ice fishing, snowmobiling and many festivals around the state. You can find my home town in the heart of Minnesota called Pequot Lakes.

Pequot Lakes is a small town with many shops, restaurants, businesses and 2 schools. Our town is known for our red, white and blue bobber water tower. You can also find Paul Bunyan's chair and a small Babe the Blue Ox. We have two parks, one of which is on Sibley Lake. We have many lakes that surround us as well which bring many tourists to enjoy our beautiful land and lakes.

Our weather in the summer can be very hot and humid. In the winter it's cold and makes our lakes freeze very well and sometimes we get a lot of snow.

My Grandma Candy says, ”We have a beautiful and friendly town.”

We have many things to see and do in our town. In July we have Bean Hole Days, it makes our town famous. On the Fourth of July you can enjoy our Stars and Stripes Parade, activities and firework. In August you can enjoy the Chokecherry Festival. We also have movies in the park and bands in the park. You can also find many more activities and festivals in our town.

In conclusion, why would you not want to visit our beautiful town?

Lisa Loven's class

By Asher James

The city of Pequot Lakes is located in north central Minnesota. It’s population is 2,300 and increasing. Its community is rural, the people are very friendly. There are lots of parks and places to play outside.

Pequot Lakes has warm sunny summers, in the fall it rains a lot, winters are cold and snowy, the spring is my favorite season, it is sunny and everything starts to grow. There are lots of jobs even more in the summer. Some of the jobs are dentist, teacher, resorts, animal shelter, restaurants, and landscapers.

There are lots of festivals like Bean Hole Days, Stars and Stripes and a Chokecherry Festival. People know Pequot Lakes for the Paul Bunyan Trail, the fire tower, Cole Memorial Building, and of course the bobber water tower.

When interviewing my grandma she said, “I like Pequot Lakes because it's a small town. There are friendly people and there are also a lot of fun shops.”

I agree with her; those are some of my favorite things too. I really like living in Pequot Lakes and I think you would too.

By Dalton Moorhouse

Pequot Lakes is a town. It’s in Minnesota. The population is 2,309 people. The weather is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It's a great place. I live here.

There are many many jobs in Pequot Lakes. Some of them are gas station attendants, firefighters, teachers, police officers, game wardens, cooks, waitresses and construction workers. Jobs help people make money for a living.

Around here what people do for fun is run, walk and bike on the Paul Bunyan Trail. They also hunt and fish. They go to the beaches and lakes. You can go into town and see a flag display and the bobber water tower. In the summer you can go to the 4th of July parade and fireworks and Bean Hole Days.

This is why I live in Pequot Lakes. It’s a good town. You should see it.

Dalton Moorhouse included a photo of the Pequot Lakes bobber water tower with his essay.
Dalton Moorhouse included a photo of the Pequot Lakes bobber water tower with his essay.

By Lily Good

Pequot Lakes, Minnesota is a small town located in the northern area of central Minnesota. Pequot Lakes was platted in March 1900. It was named after an Indian chief of White Earth tribe named O-Pequot who lived on the north end of Sibley Lake in Pequot Lakes.

The population of Pequot Lakes was 2,309 in 2018. The town was officially named Pequot Lakes in 1902. The post office was established in 1896. The climate of Pequot Lakes has 4 seasons and is 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the springtime.

Pequot Lakes has many businesses that go along with jobs of grocery store clerks, health aid workers and mechanics that make up the town. There are also fun shops to visit. My favorite shop is Fun Sisters.

Amanda Good, my mom says, "I always find cute outfits at Fun Sisters along with trendy sunglasses, it is my favorite local shop."

Pequot Lakes has many outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and playing at the park. The Pequot Lakes park is my favorite park to play at with a great playground, neat art work to look at, and concerts in the summertime.

Pequot Lakes also has festivals. There is a festival called Bean Hole Days. It is about cooking beans in pots and the pots are in the ground. There are also some landmarks to visit in Pequot like the bobber tower, the fire tower and the Pequot Lakes Historical Society. There are some other tourist attractions like golf courses, lakes for fishing and boating.

Visit Pequot Lakes if you find this essay interesting! I'm sure you will find something fun to do.

Sean Bengtson's class

By Gavin Emans

Pequot Lakes is a rural community in Minnesota located in Crow Wing County. It is about two and a half hours north of Minneapolis. It is located in North Central America. The population is 2,300 people. The Whitefish Chain, Pelican Lake and many smaller lakes are nearby and attract many tourists and cabin owners throughout the year.

Some of the top activities include - Paul Bunyan Trail which you can walk, run, rollerblade, bike and snowmobile. Climbing the stairs of the historic fire tower, Cole Memorial Building, boating on several lakes around the area and camping at local campgrounds.

Pequot also has many different restaurants. My favorite is Lucky’s. I always get the boneless BBQ wings. Dairy Queen is also my favorite place to get my favorite Oreo Blizzard.

I like living in Pequot Lakes because it has many different activities to enjoy during all four seasons. My favorite thing to do in the summer is boating. My favorite thing in the fall is making big leaf piles and jumping in them. In the winter, my favorite thing to do is snowmobile, ski and fish on the frozen lakes. Spring is fun because of all the mud everywhere.

I really love growing up here and I hope that people visiting from out of town enjoy our small town and all that it offers.

By Sloane Knettel

Pequot Lakes is a rural community. It is located in North central MN, about 3 hours north of Minneapolis. The population of Pequot Lakes is 2,300.

There are lots of things to do in Pequot Lakes. There are lots of lakes that people enjoy fishing and boating on. People like to walk, run, ride bikes and skate on the Paul Bunyan State Trail that runs through Pequot Lakes. Other hobbies include golfing, shopping and a lot of people like to hunt which is sad because I like animals.

Summer events in Pequot Lakes include festivals like Stars & Stripes Days and Bean Hole Days. There are also lots of things to see like the Cole Memorial Building and the Historic Fire Tower.

Brady Knettel said, “I enjoy the small town feel and all of the lakes and outdoor opportunities. We have some of the best golf courses in the country!”

If you like nice people and enjoy nature or just spending time outside, then Pequot Lakes is a good place to live.

Sloane Knettel submitted this photo with an essay about the Pequot Lakes community. Submitted Photo
Sloane Knettel submitted this photo with an essay about the Pequot Lakes community. Submitted Photo