Central Lakes College was recognized as a top-ranked institution offering the best dental assistant degree programs by Intelligent.com.

CLC was listed among 25 other competing public institutions across the nation. CLC ranked at No. 13, and was listed as the “Best Technical College.”

The student-focused comprehensive research guide is based on an assessment of 1,604 accredited colleges and universities. Each program is evaluated based on curriculum quality, graduation rate, reputation and post-graduate employment.

The 2020 rankings are calculated through a scoring system that includes student engagement, potential return on investment and leading third party evaluations. Intelligent.com analyzed 447 programs on a scale of 0 to 100, with only 25 institutions making it to the final list. The methodology uses an algorithm that collects and analyzes multiple rankings into one score to easily compare each university’s degree program.

To access the complete ranking, visit www.intelligent.com/best-online-dental-assistant-degree-programs.