Following the closure and sale of the former Backus Elementary School building, the bleachers inside of the gymnasium were removed. As a result, when Foothills Christian Academy revived the Wolverines basketball team in 2016, the school had to resort to using folding chairs.

Recently, bleachers came up for sale and the school had the opportunity to install better seating for future events.

“We have always had a close working relationship with the Backus Cornfest committee, who also saw the need for bleachers in the gymnasium for their own fundraising events," said Principal Blair Ecker. "The bleachers came up for sale in central Wisconsin. The attractive part about them was, other than being more modern, they were a match to what was originally there. Rogers Family Trucking ... volunteered to pick them up at no charge. The individual selling the bleachers cut his price by two-thirds upon hearing we were a Christian school.”

The bleachers were installed Oct. 1.