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Class of 2027 celebrates at Eagle View

Eagle View fourth graders do a Maypole Dance during their end-of-the-year celebration for family. Nancy Vogt / Echo Journal1 / 3
Addison Rau (left) and Peyton Fischer sing with their classmates at the fourth grade end-of-year celebration Friday morning, May 24, in the school gym. Nancy Vogt / Echo Journal2 / 3
Eagle View Elementary School fourth graders sing "Fifty Nifty United States" as they pull props representing the states around the gym. Nancy Vogt / Echo Journal 3 / 3

Eagle View Elementary School fourth graders celebrated themselves - the class of 2027 - at an end-of-the-year celebration Friday, May 24, in the school gym with family members in attendance.

Many students thanked their parents for what they have taught them, including: you can't always get what you want; actions have consequences; not to be selfish; responsibility; stand up for yourself; and believe in yourself.

Students also thanked parents for "tucking me in at night," "taking me on vacation," "always encouraging me," "making me try new things," "never allowing me to give up" and "supporting me."

They shared memories of Eagle View and what makes the school special, including the staff, art, gym and friendships made. Students thanked the PTA for donations for field trips, including to the state Capitol and Oliver Kelley Farms.

They performed songs and a maypole dance before sharing cake with their relatives.