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Crosslake students help raise future pollinators

Travis Grimler / Echo Journal Kristie Roedl reads about the importance of pollinators like honeybees during an event May 2 at Crosslake Community School.1 / 4
Travis Grimler / Echo Journal Teacher Marie Waschek and students Robin Foster and Mackenzie Brunkhorst read a book about pollinators while caterpillars are eating and growing in the containers in front of them.2 / 4
Travis Grimler / Echo Journal Students illustrate a banner which WAPOA Shoreland Director Kristi Roedl will put on display at a WAPOA sponsored open house on shoreland management June 8.3 / 4
Travis Grimler / Echo Journal Siblings Charlie O'Brien and Mallory O'Brien are reading buddies at Crosslake Community School. Here they read together about honeybees.4 / 4

Kristie Roedl, shoreland director for the Whitefish Area Property Owners Association, presented information on butterflies, pollinators and lakeshore to students at Crosslake Community School on Thursday, May 2.

Student's in Heidi O'Brien's preschool class have been raising caterpillars Roedl gave them a week earlier to raise to the "J" stage and into chrysalis stage. Roedl also provided the class with butterfly houses where the caterpillars can emerge as butterflies and feed on nectar before being set loose.

Roedl presented the class with their butterfly houses before reading to students about pollinators and explaining the importance of pollinator plants for both butterflies and bees. Roedl gave the students packages of seeds, including milkweed, to plant.

She talked to students about the importance of shore health and erosion control before students illustrated a banner on a healthy environment for her to display at the WAPOA-sponsored open house on shoreland management scheduled June 8 at Moonlite Bay Family Restaurant and Bar in Crosslake.

Marie Waschek's third and fourth grade students also joined O'Brien's students to read about pollinators and create banners.

The butterfly kits and books were donated with funds from the Soil and Water Conservation District and the Clean Water, Land & Legacy Amendment clean water fund.