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Hackensack Lions taking scholarship applications

The Hackensack Lions Club provides scholarships to local students and recently modified its eligibility criteria.

Applications must be returned by the deadline of Tuesday, April 30.

The applicant must be a resident of the Hackensack area and must also be either:

1. A graduating high school senior.

2. A graduating student from a certified home school program.

3. A high school graduate (or equivalent) enrolled in a first year of a qualified college or vocational program.

The award is based on:

1. Completed application received by April 30.

2. Three letters of recommendation (no more than two from high school or education sources).

3. High school (or equivalent) transcript.

3. Academic achievement.

4. Statement of educational and personal goals.

5. Consideration of need for financial assistance.

The Hackensack Lions Club Scholarship Committee will determine the award amounts and recipients. In the past the award amount has been $1,000 and three or more scholarships have been granted.

Scholarship funds will be distributed upon proof of the student's successful completion of his or her first term. Successful completion (2.0 or better GPA or C average for completed classes) will be verified by submission of a transcript or grade slip to a member of the Lions Scholarship Committee after the first semester.

Applicants must complete the application form, provide the information and letters of recommendation requested, and submit a transcript of credits with the application form. A transcript of credits must accompany the application.

Anyone looking to apply should contact Bill Kennedy at 218-838-9468 or