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Safety for Students app available to schools

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In partnership with CrisisGo, Sourcewell is offering its members in education free access to the Safety for Students application and program.

Safety for Students is an online communication tool to help bring students, school staff, law enforcement, communities and others together for a common cause: to protect students. Through an online application that can be downloaded to virtually any handheld device, Safety for Students provides four main components, all surrounding student safety:

• Student Safety App: Allows for anonymous reporting of issues or incidents, including bullying, drugs and weapons.

• Alerting and Response: Sounding an audible alarm and sending a simultaneous message including details of what, when and where, as well as alerting law enforcement to escalate response time.

• Safety Awareness: Providing students, staff and parents targeted messages regarding potential situations that could occur and the tools to respond to such issues.

• Resources: Provides school administration tools for drill monitoring, a dashboard for streamlined management and record keeping, and a training center to keep all stakeholders proficient with safety resources.

Liz Wambeke, manager of business and membership development, said the partnership to provide these resources comes at a time when school security and student safety are a national priority.

"Deeply committed to our vision, Sourcewell has partnered with CrisisGo, a leader in school safety and emergency communications," Wambeke said. "Together, we offer a program to make children and staff in all schools safer by providing them with the tools to report risks, receive safety alerts, and to reduce response time from law enforcement."

CrisisGo and Sourcewell are offering the program at no charge or obligation to participating institutions, including K-12 and higher education.

The Safety for Students application is compatible with PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones, tablets, iPads and Chromebooks.

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