It is hard to believe, but we are now into the month of November. We just completed our annual Halloween festivities and things for the most part have returned to normal at Crosslake Community School.

I want to extend my personal thanks to all of the local businesses and parent volunteers who stepped up on a nice fall day to support our kids with candy, costumes and trunk-or-treat goodies during our annual parade. This remains a great community engagement activity for our students and families and it would not be possible without your support.

We are now nine weeks into the school year and we think we have finally settled into our new school facility. I am so grateful to the many volunteers, construction workers, donors and the members of the LAKE Foundation board who have made all of this possible.

Our solarium has plants growing in our hydronic lab. We have a number of trees and plants that are not native to Minnesota growing in the room, allowing our students to experience a wide array of plants they may not otherwise be able to see.

Our hallways are bright and cheerful and we have already been able to host a few special events, all due to the efforts of so many!

Moving into November means other holidays are just around the corner. As always, it is a time for us to pause and reflect on things we are grateful for, one of which is our veterans.

November is a time to recognize, honor and thank all of the veterans who have served our country over the years. We can never forget nor can we adequately say thank you to those who gave their lives, suffered serious injury or took time away from family to serve. The best we can do is to say thank you and to choose to live our lives in a way that honors those sacrifices by doing our part to preserve this great country we call home.

Our students will be participating in a Veterans Day program at 2:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 12, and we would like to extend an open invitation to all veterans in our area to stop by and allow our students to honor you for your service.

Finally, November also brought one of our favorite fundraising events of the year, our annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for our PTO. This event was again held at the Whitefish Lodge and Suites and included a meal as well as silent and live auction items.