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Brainerd School Board: District approves pay raises for security officers

Brainerd School Board members look at design update for Harrison Elementary School during their Monday, Aug. 13 meeting. Gabriel Lagarde / Brainerd Dispatch

Brainerd High School's security officers will see a 2 percent increase in their hourly pay—from $19.63 to $20.02—for the 2018-19 school year. The overtime and holiday rate increased the same amount to $30.03.

Other than that, the contract, which board members approved at their Monday, Aug. 13 meeting, remains the same.

The school district's contract with General Security Services Corporation provides for two officers scheduled from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. during school days and one additional officer from 7:30-9:30 a.m. and 1:30-3:30 p.m. The district can request additional coverage for special events.

The security officer agreement for Forestview Middle School included the same rate increase its one officer, scheduled for eight hours each day.

The more major change for the Forestview contract is that it ends Dec. 31 because of the contract the board passed last month for the community resources officer, which is tentatively set to start in January.

Director of Business Services Marci Lord said if, for some reason, the CSO cannot start until later, the security officer contract has a month-to-month renewal option built in, so the district can continue services past Dec. 31 if it needs to.

In other business, the board:

Heard a brief 1:1 Devices proposal for the high school and Forestview Middle School from Director of Technology Sarah Porisch, who was instructed to write up the proposal in more detail with specific financial information for the Sept. 24 meeting to the board to vote on.

Approved the first reading of the district's revised field trips policy.

Approved the hire of certified staffers Todd Blowers, a speech language pathologist at Forestview Middle School, effective Aug. 27; Blair Boileau, a special education teacher at Forestview Middle School, effective Aug. 27; Emily Olson, a special education teacher at Nisswa Elementary School; Suzanne Rye, an online teacher at Paul Bunyan Education Center, effective Aug. 27; Beth Wroolie, an online teacher at the Brainerd Learning Center; Brandi Wynn, an early childhood coordinator at Brainerd Learning Center.

Approved the resignations of certified staffers Cheryl Drake, a Title I interventionist at St. Francis of the Lakes Catholic School; Gabrielle Gwost, a first grade teacher at Riverside Elementary School; Audra Lind, an English teacher at Brainerd High School; Laurie Pelkey, an early-childhood teacher at Brainerd Learning Center; Maria Solheim, an online curriculum teacher at Brainerd Learning Center.

Approved the hire of non-certified staffers Anthony Johnson, district interpreter, effective Aug. 27; Judine Newman, A-Comp and staff development secretary at Washington Educational Services Building, effective Aug. 27; Tammie Sand-Benson, media secretary at Baxter Elementary; Chaunzi Segler, building system administrator at Forestview Middle School, effective Aug. 1.

Approved the resignations of non-certified staffers Kelly Erickson, media secretary at Garfield Elementary School; Deborah Jarboe, special education at Nisswa Elementary School; Luksamee Jones, special education at Forestview Middle School; Angie Kramer, special education at Forestview Middle School; James Reynolds, insight program coordinator at Brainerd Learning Center; Taylor Schlosser, special education at Riverside Elementary School; Elli Watson, special education at Baxter Elementary School.

Accepted gifts and donations to the district: $1,000 from Mills Automotive for Brainerd High School choir; $500 from Greg Fiedler for Community Education's Adult Basic Education programs; $60 from Lord of Life Church for the student pantry at Forestview Middle School; $70 given anonymously for student needs at the Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative.